AET's extruders are available in sizes ranging from 1 inch (19mm) to 15 inches (381mm) in screw diameter in both standard, as well as intermediate, sizes for a more precise maximum output which translates into cost savings. All extruders are equipped with the highest quality, ultra heavy duty components available. We incorporate the latest technological advances that are required to meet individual production requirements with optimum efficiency across a wide range of specialized applications that include:

  • Sheet Extrusion Systems
  • Cast Film Systems
  • Compounding Systems
  • Hot Melt Extruders, Mixers & Systems
  • Extrusion Coating Systems
  • Blown Film Systems
  • Pipe, Profile & Tubing Systems
  • Reclaim Crammer Feeder Systems
  • Ram Feeder & Dual Diameter Extruder Systems
  • Foam Extrusion Systems
  • Blow Molding Systems
  • Wire & Cable Systems
  • Co-Extrusion Systems
  • Pelletizing Systems
  • Fiber Optic Systems
  • Fiber Systems