AET's "ADVANEX" feed screw designs offer significant capabilities over other manufacturers, establishing new standards throughout the industry. Whether single stage, two-stage or multi-flighted barrier, all available with various mixing sections, the following advantages can be realized:
  • Greater melting capacity
  • Lower melts temperature
  • Higher output, frequently 20% or more
  • Higher melts quality
  • More stable output pressure, even at higher levels
  • Longer life
  • Ease of operation & machine setup
  • Superior mixing ability
Cast (standard) or fabricated feed sections on AET's extruders are available in three configurations:
  • Oversized rectangular tangential opening
  • Round opening center feed
  • Both configurations, 1 and 2, are available with smooth
    or grooved horizontal bores)
  • Intensively cooled and grooved
AET's barrel support design provides essential rigidity and centerline stability regardless of temperature changes. This is accomplished by allowing both radial and linear expansion, which avoids screw binding and accelerated screw and barrel wear that result from misalignment. AET's design also incorporates up-and-down and side-to-side adjustments for ease of alignment.